Skies of the World

The Art of the Great Journeys

Ciels du Monde, creator of air cruises

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Travel Creator

Ciels du Monde's ambition is to help its travellers discover the best kept secrets of our planet, by provoking the encounters and moments of emotion that make travel unforgettable.

Ciels du Monde's trips are tailor-made or turnkey (ready to fly), in small groups or accompanied by other Great Travellers.

All of them are carefully designed by passionate and precise professionals, concerned about the well-being of travellers and respectful of the destinations.

Moments of wonder, daydreaming in front of the new Wonders of the World, such is the promise of Skies of the World.

Travel in the spotlight

World Tour Faces & Civilizations of the World

23 days / 21 nights.
Next departure: 4 November 2023

We are very pleased to present our next World Tour Faces & Civilizations of the World.

Our Great Journeys

Explore the world by private plane, discover our World Tours, our Odysseys to discover a continent and our Escapes to discover a destination.
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Our Discovery Trips

Discover our accompanied trips designed for 6 to 20 people maximum (scheduled flights).

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Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia

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South Africa - Namibia - Zimbabwe & Zambia - Botswana - Rwanda - Tanzania

The programme is coming soon

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Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan - Tajikistan

The programme is coming soon

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Quebec - St. Pierre and Miquelon - Newfoundland

Looking for a tailor-made made to measure?

Why travel with Ciels du Monde?

Travel by private plane

Find your plane and its crew, your assigned seat and your habits between each stopover. We look for the aircraft with the most suitable performance and features for each of our trips, while focusing on your comfort and our airline partners for their exceptional level of service. Our itineraries are specially designed to avoid night flights and long legs.

Benefit from the know-how of our team

Over the years, our team has gained experience from dozens of private air travels, including legendary aircraft such as the Concorde, and has explored many corners of our planet to design unique, balanced, high-end trips.

Experience an exceptional journey

Our trips are designed for a deliberately limited number of passengers to ensure your comfort, safety and health while preserving the pleasure of sharing our common passion for Great Journeys.

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