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Our added value

Why travel with Ciels du Monde?

Travelling in a privatised aircraft means finding your plane and its crew, your assigned seat and your habits between each stopover. But more than that...

The choice of aircraft

We look for the most suitable aircraft for each of our journeys, with an emphasis on your comfort and our airline partners for their exceptional level of service. Our itineraries are specially designed to avoid - as much as possible - night flights and long legs.

Your experience on board

Benefit from a service inspired by the most renowned Business Class, specially redesigned to take into account the particularities of our tailor-made trips and the constraints of our stopovers. A privileged relationship with a French-speaking crew attentive to your well-being, menus prepared by our Chef and a wine list carefully selected by our Sommelier. Our team will take care to personalise your experience to make it truly unforgettable.

Meaningful travel

By supporting local initiatives carefully selected for their positive impact on their environment, Ciels du Monde works with its local partners to help you discover its destinations through tours designed with the preservation of nature and respect for the local population in mind.

Peace of mind at airports

For a comfortable journey, our team will do everything possible to reduce your waiting time at the airport:
- Luggage handling at departures and arrivals depending on local authority approval,
- Landing cards and other pre-filled forms where necessary,
- Optimised embarkation and disembarkation routes.

Studied stopovers

We have developed a network of professionals who build and operate trips with us, enabling their deep knowledge of their destination to offer experiences beyond the reach of the individual traveller. With them, we orchestrate your trip with precision and flexibility, from designing your itinerary to solving an unexpected request.
Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the landscapes, the magic of the encounters and the vertigo of the history. Everything is included, and our team takes care of the rest (luggage, visa). From your booking to your return to Paris, our advisors and guides are there to take care of all your worries and make sure you have the best experience.

Visits in small groups

With groups limited to a maximum of 20 people, our itineraries offer opportunities for privileged access and meetings. Whether it's a visit to a museum in the footsteps of a curator or a lively dinner in a place steeped in history or in the presence of a personality. We do our utmost to offer you an experience on a human scale, in the company of other Great Travellers in an atmosphere of sharing.

Unique and varied culinary experiences

During meals taken together, for two or in the festive atmosphere of our themed evenings, you will learn about the varied cuisines of our destinations through the tasting of their specialities. Tailor-made menus, all-you-can-eat buffets and traditional drinks will delight your taste buds for the pleasure of gourmets and the curious.

Simply the best hotels

Our preparatory trips allowed us to select the best establishments. Spacious and comfortable rooms, superior service, discreet luxury and local charm, the hotels are fully involved in your discovery of the destinations thanks to their ideal location.

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