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Discover Panama: A Luxury, Adventure and Golf Trip

Panama is much more than just a crossing point for the canal of the same name. It's an incredible destination that offers a fascinating mix of culture, adventure, natural beauty and luxury. Whether you want to explore historic districts, enjoy authentic nature breaks or play golf on exquisite courses, Panama has it all. In this article, we'll take you on a tour of this exceptional destination and give you an insight into the tailor-made trips, luxury, adventure and, of course, golf that Panama has to offer.

The Authentic Charm of Panama

Travellers looking for an authentic experience will find what they're looking for in Panama. Tailor-made trips are the key to discovering the true essence of the country. You can explore remote areas and meet indigenous communities, immersing yourself in a rich and traditional culture. Away from the crowds, these authentic holidays will allow you to discover Panama's hidden treasures.

Luxury in Panama

For those who prefer a luxury break, Panama has no shortage of options. From five-star hotels to world-class spas, you can pamper yourself while exploring this exotic destination. Top-of-the-range tours are also available, offering the comfort, exceptional service and elegance that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

The charm of Casco Viejo

The colonial quarter of Casco Viejo in Panama City is a must-see. Its cobbled streets, historic buildings and unique atmosphere make it the perfect place for a city break. You'll discover well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture, gourmet restaurants, art galleries and elegant boutiques.

Golf in Panama

Panama is fast becoming an internationally renowned golf destination. Golf enthusiasts can enjoy lush, beautifully manicured golf courses with spectacular views. Panama's tropical landscape creates a unique setting for a day of golf. The Panama Golf Club is one of the most prestigious golf courses in the country, offering first-class facilities.

Adventure on the Panama Canal

A visit to the Panama Canal is an absolute must. You can take a cruise along the canal to see the locks in action up close. You'll marvel at the engineering genius that went into building this modern marvel. The canal is an engineering marvel that continues to amaze visitors from all over the world.

Private Plane Trip

For an exclusively private travel experience, you can opt for private air travel in Panama. This option allows you to customise your itinerary, avoid queues and enjoy world-class service. It's the ultimate way to discover Panama in complete privacy.

Around the world and discovering Panama

If you're planning a round-the-world trip, Panama is a must. Its strategic geographical position makes it an ideal stopping-off point for travellers exploring the Americas. You can take advantage of short breaks to explore Panama, discovering its rich culture, delicious cuisine and breathtaking scenery.

Visit Panama in September or Spring

Panama offers pleasant weather all year round. However, many travellers prefer to visit the country in September or spring, when temperatures are milder. This is an ideal time to enjoy the beaches, outdoor activities and local festivals.

Concluding your trip to Panama

Panama is a complete destination that offers a variety of experiences for travellers. Whether you want to explore historic districts, relax on dreamy beaches, venture into nature or improve your golf swing, Panama has something for everyone. Prepare to be amazed by the diversity of this destination and enjoy memorable experiences on your next trip to Panama.

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