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World Tours

Discover the world's most emblematic sites in a fully-privatised aircraft

Have you ever dreamed of travelling the globe, discovering hidden wonders and immersing yourself in the most diverse cultures? At Ciels du Monde, we turn that dream into an exhilarating reality. Our world tours are carefully crafted journeys designed to immerse you in the beauty and richness of our planet.

Each tour is a work of art, woven with unique experiences, breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable encounters. Whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation or cultural discovery, our world tours offer something special for every traveller.

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Faces and Civilizations of the World

23 days / 22 nights

Mexico - Peru - Easter Island - Polynesia - France New Zealand - Indonesia - Cambodia - India - Jordan

In three weeks, you will return to France with a heart full of new encounters and friendships, memories of laughter, landscapes, music and dance of today or traditions of the past, rich in reflections amidst the remains of vanished civilizations: you will have toured the world.

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Nature and Treasures of the World

24 days / 23 nights

Paris - Panama - Brazil - Easter Island (Chile) - Fiji - Australia - Indonesia - Cambodia - United Arab Emirates - Paris

Who hasn't dreamed of unlocking some of the secrets of our planet once in a lifetime? We're delighted to present our next Round the World Tour for travel lovers. What's more, this round-the-world tour gives you the chance to discover some of the world's most prestigious golf courses with the Golf option.

World tours, Odysseys, Escapes...

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