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Discovering Easter Island


Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is a Polynesian island in the Pacific Ocean, around 4,000 kilometres off the coast of Chile. It is famous for its mysterious stone statues, known as moai, which were erected by the island's inhabitants over 1,000 years ago. The moai, which stand up to 10 metres tall and weigh up to 80 tonnes, are considered to be one of the greatest enigmas in human history.

Easter Island is also known for its unique culture and language. Although the island was discovered by Europeans in the 18th century, it has been inhabited by Polynesians for around 1,000 years. The island's inhabitants speak Rapa Nui, a Polynesian language that is still spoken today. The island is also known for its traditional music and dances, which are still performed at ceremonies and festivals.

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As well as its stone statues and unique culture, Easter Island offers many other attractions. It is renowned for its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, which are perfect for swimming and water sports. The island is also popular for its hiking and mountain excursions, which offer magnificent views of the ocean and the island.

Easter Island is also an ideal destination for food lovers. The region is renowned for its typical dishes such as ceviche, a marinated fish dish, and curanto, a meat and vegetable dish steamed in a hole dug in the ground. The island is also renowned for its local wines and spirits, such as pisco, an alcohol made from grapes.

Finally, Easter Island is also an ideal destination for those looking to discover the island's history and culture. As well as the moai, the island is home to many other archaeological and cultural sites, such as the tombs of Ahu Akivi and the stone quarries of Rano Raraku.


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