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Discovering Panama


Panama is a small country with one of the most beautiful coastlines in Central America. It is a perfect destination for those who love to explore and discover new places. This guide will help you plan your trip to Panama and give you great suggestions on where to stay, where to eat and what to do while visiting this beautiful country!

Visit to Panama City

Panama City is a beautiful and diverse city. Panama's natural beauty is reflected in its architecture, with buildings that look like they are straight out of the Caribbean. There are many places to visit here, such as the canal, the Miraflores locks, the old bridge, Fort Federico Boyd and much more.

There are many shopping centres in Panama Pacifico where you will find all types of shops, from high-end luxury boutiques to local markets selling handicrafts at reasonable prices.

Trip to Panama, visit of the canal

For a truly unique experience, visit the Panama Canal. It is fascinating to see how one of the world's most amazing engineering feats was achieved and how it has evolved over time. The best way to do this is to take a guided tour of the canal. You can choose from a wide range of tours offered by private companies or venture out on your own with friends or family, but if you want to get an in-depth look at this engineering marvel that links two oceans, choose one of these three options:

  • Visit the Panama Canal Museum (itself located near the Gatun Locks).
  • Take a guided tour from the Miraflores Locks to Lake Gatun and the Port of Balboa, passing through the Pedro Miguel Locks.

History of the Panama Canal

The Panama Canal was an engineering project of epic proportions. At the beginning of the 20th century, it seemed that there was no other way to cross the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans without going through South America. Then along came a visionary French engineer, Ferdinand de Lesseps, who believed that such a canal could be built in Panama, provided he could find the funding.

A French-led consortium was formed in 1879, but construction stopped after six years due to financial difficulties and a widespread disease among the workers (known as "yellow jack"). The project was finally completed by the Americans almost three decades later, under the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, with great fanfare.

The Panama Canal was opened on 15 August 1914 with much celebration and fanfare in both nations involved; however, this event had little impact on world trade initially as ships were still forced to round Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America before heading to Asia or Europe respectively.

Activities in Panama

You'll want to spend at least a few days exploring the city, which has a population of nearly 400,000. You can see the cathedral and the Plaza Bolivar, where locals gather for concerts and shows. You can also take a look at some of Panama's famous old buildings, such as the Casa de las Doce Monedas (House of the Twelve Coins).

For outdoor enthusiasts, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature in Panama. Visit Parque Nacional Soberanía in Bocas del Toro province for hikes through rainforests and beaches (or take a boat trip), or head south for more wildlife viewing at Isla Cerralvo National Wildlife Refuge on Isla Coiba Island or Isla Bastimentos National Park on Bastimentos Island. For those who like extreme adventures, abseil down the volcanic cliffs at Boquete.

Discover also Panama through golf! You will have the opportunity to play on three world-class courses. Choose one of the following courses: Coronado Golf Course, El Quebracho Beach Club and Golf Resort, or Guacamaya Country Club. Whether you're looking for a quick getaway or an extended holiday, this is a great opportunity to play some of the best golf in Panama.

Panama's seaside resorts

The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel and a source of pride for Panamanians. This waterway connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, allowing ships to pass between the two bodies of water in one continuous journey. The canal has been in operation since 1914, and has enabled more efficient transportation between North America and Asia.

The Morelos Biosphere Reserve is located on the border between Mexico and Belize. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 because it contains several ecosystems within its boundaries: tropical rainforest, mangrove forests, coral reefs and coastal lagoons.


Panama City is a beautiful city with many attractions. It is one of the most visited destinations in Panama, due to its unique location on the Pacific coast. The city has many beautiful beaches and offers a variety of activities for tourists who want to enjoy their stay here. If you are planning a holiday this year, you should definitely consider visiting Panama City as part of your travel plans!

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